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evm 12l differences

8/18/2000 9:27 PM
marcel b
evm 12l differences
I own three evm 12 l speakers.They all sound diffent  
The difference is most noticeble in the highs.One rolls off the highs tones, one seems normal and the last one is the brightest by far (The one I like most)How can this be.I don't know the production year of them but the series resistance is the same.  
Does anyone have any clue  
Marcel B.
8/18/2000 10:19 PM
Gary J

Are all 3 in the same type of cabinet? I own some of these speakers in Mesa Boogie cabinets. The open back 1 X 12 cab has very little bass response, but the 1 X 12 Thiele cabinet (ported per EV specs) has a lot of low end. I usually stack an open back with a Thiele to get the sound I like. (Everyone has a different preference on speaker tone) I have 3 of the Theile 1 X 12 cabs and I can't tell one from the other. The cabinet design has a lot to do with what the speakers sound like.
8/20/2000 10:25 AM
marcel b

All three speakers are in diffent cabinets but they are all with an open back.When I put the three in the same cabinet the sound difference stays the same The difference between the brightest and the most dull one is so big that you'd think it was a different type or brand.  
Marcel B.
8/20/2000 6:48 PM

Hi Marcel, Are these all the EV 12L's or one of the force series? If so I have noticed the sound to be different with the Force EV compared to the EV 12L 200 watter. The freq's on the EV12L are 80-8k, and the Force EV is like 60-6k, a little warmer than the EV 12L, I hope this may help, some speakers change over the years in tone, due to moisture and humidity, so if you have all the same series EV's, this could be why. If one was used in a more dryer enviroment, it may sound ? a little dryer ? haha :), etc. If the paper is dryer or less plyable. Some new speakers tend to be a little stiffer when new, needing to be broke in from lots of good vibrations! Also make sure you have them polarized correctly! #1 if for some reason they are not polarized right they will sound different! A good way to check, is to take a 9 volt battery, and apply the + side of the battery to the + speaker terminal, and the same with the - terminal to the - battery side, when doing this, the cone of the speaker should travel forward slightly, if it goes inward towards the magnet, it is out of phase! you may have a reversed coil in the speaker, I would then wire it up the opposite way in that case, say you did the battery thing, and the cone sucked in when + to + - to - , then try wiring the speaker up + output to - speaker ground or - output to + speaker, to see if that cures your problem. I hope this makes sense, and does not confuse you.  
good luck,  
8/20/2000 6:52 PM

BTW, this is for one speaker per cab, if you are using multiple speaks, you may have some wired up in seris, or series parallel, as some cabs will be, and if those are not wired up in the right pol, you will have a thin sound too. I think I read you post saying they where in single 1-12" cabs though, right?  
8/21/2000 1:43 PM
marcel b

Ed,I just found out that all three are the ev 12l oem type.These are ev 12's especially made for other companies.On the magnet of these speakers there are ink stamped codes witch I told the importer of these speakers here in Holland. He told me that oem types can vary a lot because of the special wishes of the companies for witch they were made. This very much answers my question.He is going to check if he can get more of the one I like so much. Thanks for your reply  
mMarcel B.
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