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Re: Pawn Shop Bargains

8/10/2000 11:36 PM
Glen H.
Re: Pawn Shop Bargains
I also forgot to mention,  
I live in B.C, Canada, where we have been in a recession since about 1988. The shops here can not afford to jack up prices on stuff.  
The Fender S-Champ I picked up for $100 was from a small pawn shop on E. Hastings St. in Vancouver.  
It is a sad state when Vancouver and most areas in B.C. have more pawn shops and thrift shops than music stores. This has been a trend since the late 1980's. My town, with a pop. of 100000, had (as of last year) 19 pawn shops in the area - all within a 45 minute drive of each other. The profusion of pawn shops halted when the city proposed to increase the annual license fee from about $300 to $3000. I personally know one guy who stocks a large part of his music store inventory from pawn shops.  
Unfortunately, the live music scene here stinks for the most part. When I go down to Seattle - different story. I love that city!:)  
Glen H.
8/11/2000 11:33 AM
HEY!!! My wife is from B.C. and my sister and bro-in-laws still live up there in Vancouver.....awesome place.I've lived in every major city just about in the world and I have to tell you, Atlanta is the what a dump.  
Thanks for the replies fellas.
8/11/2000 1:23 AM
Ian Anderson

I guess some people have all the luck (me included) - got a Fender Tonemaster head in a flea-ridden guitar shop with mostly junk in there 'cept for the TM sitting in the corner for 280... Thankyou very much, I'll take that :0)  
Selmer T&B heads can usually be had quite cheap in the UK and sound really nice cranked up IMO. If you're in the States, I don't know how common (or cheap) they are over there.  
... Ian
8/10/2000 10:56 PM
Peter S
Re: What's a good amp head for cheap?
In the 50 watt range, probably the best deals going are the old Traynor amps. Stay away from the ones with reverb. Look for late 60's Bassmasters. These amps are great values even in places where the prices on used gear is sick. Stay away from cheaply built amps with pc board construction and particle board cabs. You'll only end up having to sell it and buy a better amp later on.  
Peter S
8/11/2000 1:43 AM
bill m.
Re: What's a good amp head-Garnet
i will have a Garnet amp head available soonwith quad of EL-34s. i believe this is the old BTO amp. should be hand-wired.... contact me if interested. bill/ the AMPEG book:
8/11/2000 6:01 AM
Re: What's a good amp head for cheap?
Keep your eyes open for a used SOVTEK Mig50 or Mig60.  
Both can be modified for a killer sound.  
I've seen plenty of the Mig50s sell for around $125.00 to $150.00  
8/11/2000 6:55 AM
Glen H.

GOOD call!  
Those amps are not bad even unmodded.  
I forgot about these guys - How 'bout Red Bear amps?  
They seem similar to the Migs.  
Glen H.

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