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What's a good amp head for cheap?

8/10/2000 4:44 PM
What's a good amp head for cheap?
Looking for a decent amp head for a Carvin 4 X 12 cabinet I picked's an 80's model. Loud and deep....I'm not rich, so money matters, I'm trying to find a good head for the price....I've heard/read about the Crate GX1200H. Harmony Central had many good reviews on it, but still not sure. I don't really need a lot of extras, basically a stock Fender Prodigy thru a Boss DS-1 or Metalzone.....I'm looking for punch and clarity....Any advice? Thanks!!!
8/10/2000 4:57 PM
Glen H.

I'd suggest starting with an amp that has a very good clean sound, and then build on this (with pedals, etc.). Check the pawnshops! That is where I buy 90% of my amplifiers. Keep an eye out for early Traynor, Garnet, Dean Markley, Ampeg, (esp. tube models), and even (yes) Peavey.  
Crate amps can also be had for reasonable prices.  
The main thing is to shop around and be patient. Always try before you buy. If that means hauling your guitar/cab into a particular store - do so (ask the salesperson or manager first, of course).  
Lastly, try to get a guarantee, a week is usu. good enough for me. I rarely have a pawnshop sell me an amp without at least a 24 hour return policy.  
As for internet purchases, I am learning my lesson - what you see is quite often different from what you get!!!:)  
My $.02...  
Glen H.
8/10/2000 5:05 PM

thanks Glen, I'm a pawn shop junkie also...I'll keep a look out.  
8/10/2000 7:30 PM

I've gotten a few deals off of Harmony Central, but the people were local and I got to try it out first.  
I've had some good luck with the local paper. In fact, there's a Lafayette Tube head advertised today for $60 OBO.  
I've never had a pawnshop find. All they have around me are $300 Squires. In a local store they have a $799 early '90s LP Studio with the worst headstock repair I've ever seen - two bolts (with nuts on the back of the headstock) and some glue. Think Frankenstein's neck.
8/10/2000 8:45 PM
Glen H.
Pawn Shop Bargains
I guess I am lucky.  
Regionality plays a big role in finding good pawn shop deals.  
Not too many pawn shops are connected to the net where I live - the few that are know about eBay.  
Unfortunately, prices on items at some of the shops tend to reflect eBay trends.  
Fortunately, several shop owners here do not have a CLUE when it comes to what they are selling!!! This is a very good thing when it comes to pricing tube amps (unless it says Fender or Gibson on it...).  
My latest finds have been a Marshall JTM45 plexi head for about $100, a Traynor YGM-3 and YBA-2B for less than $200, and a Fender SuperChamp (mint) for $100. I just bought a mint "United" - all tube head for about $25 yesterday.  
Hiwatts can be found for $300 (incl. cab). I turned down a PV 5150 1/2 stack for $250 (I personally gotta problem with PV...). The list goes on and on.  
I should mention, I make the "rounds" in my town just about every 2 weeks. I have made good contacts with several of the pawn shop owners, and they now like having me around to price gear for them. I do give an honest answer, but if I see gear that has already been priced, or that the pawn shop wants to move, I'm in there!!!:)  
Ignorance, on the part of pawn shop owners/employees , can be bliss!!!  
Glen H.
8/10/2000 9:18 PM
Gord Best deals on earth
Get a Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster. Nothing else.  
THat's just my opinion.  
8/10/2000 10:51 PM
Peter S
Re: Pawn Shop Bargains
You're killing me here with those prices. In South Florida where I live most shops, especially pawn shops spell the word buisiness G-R-E-E-D. It's good to know that at least somewhere in the world decent people who aren't out to rip off musicians with modest incomes still exist. Thanx for renewing my faith in humanity.  
Peter S

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