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Volume vs. Output stage OD....the eternal quest!

8/3/2000 10:27 AM
Chris Volume vs. Output stage OD....the eternal quest!
Yep, that ever-present yearning! Tried cranking my 50W 2204 via 2xV30's last night during LOUD band rehersal and couldn't get close to rich OD without pedal. I've tried all the various Preamp/MV combinations but no joy. I really dont want to go the power soak route (for finnancial reasons primarily), but am thinking about other solutions. Does anyone do crazy things to attenuate excessive SPL ? - I'm thinking blanket over cab, acoustic padding over speaker baffles, etc. Am I mad!!?  
8/3/2000 1:25 PM

V30's are really efficient and BRIGHT. Swap them for some eminence "v30 clones" and you'll lose mucho volume.  
Better yet, (but more $) swap the V30's for a pair of greenbacks and buy a used powerbrake. I found a mint one used for $199. I bet you could do a lot better. Tonally it's the way to go.  
failing that...  
point cab at wall or floor. Some old blues guys used to put their 4x10 bassman's face down on a table so they could crank..  
Blankets are good.  
Use 1 speaker, not 2.  
8/3/2000 1:43 PM
Many thanks Speedracer. I've actually just replaced my existing crap speakers with V30's so I'm in no hurry to lose them! Having said that, I know that their excellent tone is coupled to the fact that they are very efficient (therefore loud) speakers. I'm going to try a blanket (as goofy as that will probably look!) and hope that the bright/midrange emphasis of the V30's will help the amp cut through but at lower SPL. Incidently, does anyone know (roughly) the level of attenuation possible with a typical blanket?!!!  
8/3/2000 1:50 PM

Depends on the color :)
8/3/2000 1:57 PM
Basketweave......of course!!
8/3/2000 2:04 PM
Tim Swartz
6V6s could be considered
The 2204 is most like a suitable candidate for 6V6s...Most have plate voltages from 375-425v (less than most Deluxe Reverbs). If it is an EL34 amp, the bias voltage requirements will be very close...If it is a 6550 amp, it may need a resistor. You may also want to dial down the impedence switch a notch to get maximimum power transfer. The Sovtec 6V6EH seems to be a real robust tube. This suggestion always seems to get some flack, but it makes perfect electronic and sonic sense. You end up with a 25w amp that you can push into nasty mode without punishing your bandmates, family or neighbors.  
8/3/2000 2:30 PM
Great suggestion Tim. I dont have any experience of using 6V6's. What kind of tone could I expect vs. Svet EL34's (my current tubes). Would it really just be a case of rebiasing? No other circuit adjustments necessary?  

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