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Pentode phase inverter

8/2/2000 12:37 AM
Holger Notzel
Pentode phase inverter
Can anybody steer me towards a schematic for an amp that uses a pentode as a cathodyne phase inverter? Hogy
8/2/2000 3:33 PM
Holger Notzel
Doesn't have to be a guitar amp, I'll take anything
Or how about a pentode/triode tube such as a 6AN6?
8/2/2000 3:49 PM
Scott Swartz

Dynaco Mk III - 7199  
Some Sunn amps used a 6AN8, I think, check out the schems in the Groove Tubes Tube Amp Book, they're probably on the net somewhere too.........
8/2/2000 4:06 PM
Jeff Casagrande

Nope, the Dyna MK III's used 6AN8's. I'm looking at one right now. The schematics can be found at Triode, Angela or numerous other locations. The Sunns used the Dynaco design for their power amp section.
8/2/2000 4:13 PM

The MK-3's used 6AN8's, the MK-4 & 6 as well as the ST-70 used 7199. The later modifiers used (I think) a 6GH8 to replce the 7199's when they became extinct. Didn't the Ampeg Gemini's use 7199's too at some point ? af
8/2/2000 4:17 PM
Steve M.

I seem to remember talking to Alan Kimmel about his pentode cathode follower a while back. Considering that a cathodyne PI is a both an anode follower and a cathode follower, there might be some information here:  
Hope it helps,  
8/2/2000 3:38 PM
Jeff Casagrande
Re: Pentode phase inverter
Look at Dynaco Mark III power amplifiers. They use a 6AN8 PI.
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