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Re: Heard an interesting rumor

7/30/2000 4:19 PM
Re: Heard an interesting rumor
Speed do you have the name or ISBN# Of the WE book I like reading that type of stuff.
7/30/2000 5:42 PM
Who is the old WE guy? If someone does have a ISBN# I would like to have it also. This has sparked my interest/curiosity.
7/30/2000 7:54 PM

I hope I didn't get everyone too excited.. the mfr section is a 2 pager at the end, but it covers a bunch of basics. The book is:  
75 Years of Western Electric Tube Manufacturing  
Auth: Bernard Magers  
ISBN#: 0-9632440-1-9  
Published by Antique Electronic Supply  
It's really a log of all the WE tube types (who could forget the 216A!) which is really only helpfull if you're a tube collector or deal in really old stuff - I mean really really old. Overall I was bummed that there wasn't more WE history, mfr info, etc, but as I mentioned the last 2 pages are pretty cool. You can learn a lot in 2 pages. I wish he'd written 100+ on this part.
8/3/2000 4:00 PM

I was told that there is a tube manufacturer here in the states. I was told this by the Hi-Fi place called Audio Classics (not Glassics) and they have bought some JAN 12AX7's from them (actually a ton of them) and they are getting them for about $20.00. That's what I was told  
8/1/2000 5:43 PM

Several years ago, the editor of Glass Audio magazine stated that he heard Mullard was going to gear up their old plant in England and start making tubes again. First and last I heard of that rumor.
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