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Heard an interesting rumor

7/28/2000 11:38 PM
Carl Z
Heard an interesting rumor
Has anybody heard the rumor that Electroharmonix is trying to get a tube manufacturing plant up and running here in the states. I have no idea if there's any validity to this.  
Carl Z
7/28/2000 11:54 PM
Matt W.

That would be cool, but between the guitar and audio sites and newsgroups, there've been literally dozens of rumors, but all of it was vaporware except the WE 300B.  
If there's money in it, I'll invest!
7/29/2000 1:01 AM
Peter S

That would be awesome, but like Matt said there have been many rumors which turned out to be pipedreams so far. Whatever happend to Pittman and Fritztronics joint venture to produce the RCA 6L6's. I read a propaganda sheet from GT about this 3 years ago and in it they stated that Fritztronics had bought all the old blackplate tooling. Haven't seen tube one yet. You would think that someone in the manufacturing world would think this is important enough to go ahead and produce at least the more common varieties of tubes. I hear all kinds of reasoning about why it would not be cost effective. The markets is too limited etc., etc.. This doesn't make much sense to me though. If you look around you can find all kinds of examples of labor intensive, environmentally risky manufacturing operations that are geared towards specialty markets. What gives?  
Peter S
7/29/2000 3:18 AM
Lee M.

There are a lot of pretty smart business people in this country. I can guarantee if anyone thought they could make money manufacturing tubes in the US, someone would have done it. I suppose Pittman knows the market as well as anyone. If he isn't doing it, it's probably because he's done the business analysis and determined it wasn't feasible at the returns he needs.  
I think the most likely candidate would be a billionaire guitar player who could fund the startup costs out of pocket and use the losses to offset income in another venture. Paul Allen is probably the only guy who fits the bill.  
7/29/2000 6:39 AM
Carl Z

I got this from one of the managers at the evil empire that is GC. Apparently he was talking to some people at the EH booth at namm and this is where the info came from. I'm not holding my breath though. How many years now has it been since Ruby Tubes has been trying to get that plant up and running in China? And this IS with existing equipment.  
Carl Z
7/29/2000 10:20 AM

Silly question but who but who took off with Mullard's tooling if anyone?  
7/30/2000 5:31 AM
Steve A.

How many years now has it been since Ruby Tubes has been trying to get that plant up and running in China?  
    It had been suggested here that the problem with the Ruby Tubes operation in China has been political, and that the bombing of the Chinese embassy didn't help things at all... :(  
    While there are plenty of Chinese companies marketing practically everything here in the US, I believe that the Ruby Tubes factory would be owned by Americans and I can see how the Chinese government might stall for years... just to get back at the damned Americans playing rock'n'roll!  
    I don't see why the tubes would need to be manufactured in the US; why not contract with a competent manufacturer overseas to produce tubes that meet the various needs for guitar amps? Send over some of the old-timers to oversee the assembly line and quality control... (Perhaps that is similar to what EH has been doing with Sovtek.)  
    I do think that if we want really nice new production tubes we will have to pay more for them.... like the $18 apiece I was paying for the NOS/JAN 12AX7WA's before the supply dried up. (Do you think that the military still has a stash of them that will be dumped on the market later??? I sure hope so...)  
Steve Ahola
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