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Ampeg G-18

6/25/2000 1:07 AM
The Weirdo
Ampeg G-18
Does anyone have access to any info about the Ampeg G-18 amp? I'm just trying to find out the basics; such as how many watts does it put out, what is it's speaker size, what tubes does it use, and possibly what span of years was it produced. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I've been completely unable to find anything on my own.
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6/26/2000 4:40 PM
Don Symes  
It's a start.
6/27/2000 2:27 AM
bill m.

as co-author of AMPEG: THE STORY BEHIND THE SOUND, i wish i knew the specs of every amp off the top of my head! :) but i will look it up and post. please see my ebay auction for the AMPEG book: best, bill
6/27/2000 2:49 PM
bill m.
Re: Ampeg G-18 < AMPEG book
OK, hope this helps: the G-18 = the G "one eight" = a single 8" speaker in a 10 watt s.s. practice amp from around 1977. this is plain vanilla--no rev. or tremelo--and was marketed as a practice amp and studio amp. it should have V T and B controls, so it's kinda like a fender champ w/ tone controls and a larger speaker (and no tubes).i have a similar amp to this from my AMPEG book research days--and before i blew the old speaker it sounded amazingly good for s.s. when cranked. i've seen these in the $50 to $125 range....please see for details on our book the ebay auction mentioned in my previous post.... best, bill

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