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Open back 1x12 cabinet size

6/9/2000 4:29 PM
Paul F Open back 1x12 cabinet size
I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on what dimensions I should use for an open back cabinet (either for a homebrew combo, or seperate cab). I want something specifically for clean playing, thinking about using a Weber P12N. Any specific fender combo dementions I should copy, or maybe something different all together (I want a nice and tight, clean blues sound). Thanks,  
6/10/2000 10:49 AM
Jim Wheeler

I'm not sure there is an optimum size. In general, the bigger the box, the deeper the bass, i.e., due to the longer distance the waves travel from the rear of the cone to the front of the cone, lower frequencies are canceled as the reversed phase rear-waves meet the front-wave, thus a beefier sound.  
I would suggest making it big enough to give some baffle options. If it were Bassman size, you could do the single 12, or a single 15, or 3-10's, or 4-10's as you taste evolve either forward or backward.  
As if-not-more important is the wood you use. I've decided plywood cabinets sound like crapola.
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