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6/1/2000 3:35 PM
Ken Gilbert
bookmark files re-revisited
6/3/2000 1:29 AM
Ken Gilbert
modal analysis of geetars
6/3/2000 3:16 AM
Lee M.

This was cool even though it cause Netscape to crash.  
We've been doing modal analysis on brakes for years and we still haven't figured out how to make them quiet.
6/10/2000 11:41 PM

Interesting stuff! They need to tell Gibson to send over some Les Pauls, compare a regular LP Standard to an overpriced Historic 59 and see if any differences show up. Some analysis on Strats would be interesting too.  
Ethan W.
6/11/2000 12:24 AM
That was pretty cool
6/5/2000 3:22 PM
Ken Gilbert fuel for the fire
6/7/2000 6:32 PM
kg building a home lab

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