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"Plug" for Joe Pampel @ Obsolete Elec.

5/30/2000 4:29 PM
"Plug" for Joe Pampel @ Obsolete Elec.
If you have a 50 watt re-issue plexi, then  
I highly suggest you try the 50 watt  
replacement tranny offered by Obsolete  
Out of all the tweeks and stuff I've done  
to my re-issue, my latest project (OT replacement  
using the Obsolete tranny) has really made  
the amp shine.  
The high end is much more musical and the  
harmonic content is much greater.  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

5/31/2000 3:43 AM
Peter S

Ahh...Few things are better for an amp than a really great OT Mook. I'll second that plug!  
5/31/2000 12:26 PM

I will "THIRD"! the plug!!...OUTSTANDING tranny!!check it out installed in my homebrew 50/ makes the stock OT in my jcm 800 (drake) sound like a transistor radio!...Frank.
5/31/2000 1:39 PM

To add to the plug:  
Recently a guy brought me a 50 Marshall Plexi RI. AND a plexi replacement OT from Mercury Magnetics. So I had one of the ObsoleteElectronics OT's laying around, waiting for parts for one of my projects, so i tack-soldered it in, carnaked it up and played it for a bit... compared to the stock OT, the results were amazing... it still compressed, but it didnt totally fold up and get mushy like the stock OT did, it still retained the sparkle and clarity that a good marshall should have. So then I decided to put the MercuryMagnetics in for the guy. Tried it out, and yes it was a drastic improvement over the stock OT, it was lacking a bit compared to the Obsolete OT, it just didnt have that clarity, and still seemed a bit too soft for me (I tried a 68' plexi a while back, and FWIW, the ObsoleteEl model seemed to capture the vibe i was getting from the classic 68') To be honest, if you did no other changes (i.e. circuit mods, pcb replacement with PTP board, component quality changes), other than good tubes and this OT, the marshall reissue is actualy VERY accurate to the original sound. SO if this is a plug, so be it, but I believe in giving credit where it is due. After this repair, i actually felt sorry that the guy spent well over $200 for the Mercury OT.
5/31/2000 5:07 PM

I guess my question is , are you testing these output trannies by fully cranking these amps? How would you compare the sound of each OT at say a medium vol where the amp is clean or at a vol that lets the amp just start to break up into distortion?  
or are you just comparing the tone, Dynamics and sheer vol?  
5/31/2000 5:33 PM

I compared the OT's at a setting I'd normall use-- Gibson LesPaul, into the bright channel with the volume of the amp at around 1:00 for most playing, and the guitar volume varied for clean vs. crunch. Tone knobs set: presence at 9:00, bass at 10:00, mids at 2:00, treble at 12:00, kept the stage as equal for the tests as possible... I also played with higher gain settings as well (volume at 3:00), and at this point the marshall stock ot was totally unusable, pure mush and mud, and that is where the Mercury OT started to get too dead, where the Obsolete still had some sparkle, yet was compressed. I never run the volume much lower, things on most marshalls are too sterile anyways at this point.  
Volume is never an issue, since I have to attenuate most of the time anyways. My main concern was tone, dynamics, tone, compression and most importantly, TONE!
5/31/2000 8:24 PM
Joe L

Mitch! I keep telling you to buy one of these and let me know if it sounds better than the Hammond in your SLO clone. Come on dude! You know you want to try one.  
..Joe L

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