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Source for Tolex & grillcloth

5/30/2000 4:11 AM
Sean Kilback
Source for Tolex & grillcloth
What are some reliable sources for decent quality and authentic looking tolex and grillcloth? I used to deal with MojoTone but have heard they might not be back up to speed yet.  
I need 3 yards of smooth white tolex and enough oxblood grillcloth for a 2x10 combo cab.  
5/30/2000 5:00 AM

Go here:  
This is John Sprung's shop. I recently purchased some tolex and grillcloth from him and it's quality stuff. He ships fast and the price is right.
5/30/2000 12:24 PM
Check out Antique Electronics Supply at
5/30/2000 12:28 PM
Lee M.

I'll second the vote for Guitar-Parts.
5/30/2000 3:50 PM
Sean Kilback
Thanks guys. Just ordered from Parts Is Parts (e)

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