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Solid state amps? Marshall

5/17/2000 9:26 PM
Meathead Solid state amps? Marshall
Anyone got any tips for modifying my Marshall 5212(solid state) amp? I am on a budget and it would probably be cheaper for me to fix this one than buy another amp... I just don't like the tone, The bass isn't bassy enough, and the treble isn't trebly enough for me, it just seems to have a really midrange sound even with the bass, presence and treble cranked. thanks
5/17/2000 9:37 PM
Sean Kilback

hi there,  
If it's just the lack of bass and treble, you might try using an inexpensive EQ pedal to tweak your tone as needed.  
I have an Ibanez PQ-401 EQ pedal that is awesome for boosting for solos without altering tone or versatile enough to completely change the sound. It's got two of the JRC4558 chips in it...picked it up for $40 at the '99 Seattle Guitar show.  
5/17/2000 11:12 PM
Peter S

Good idea could also try different speakers. : )
5/18/2000 3:20 AM
I'll try the eq, probably easier and cheaper... I guess I'm a little over zealous with the soldering iron...
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