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Marshall jcm-900

5/12/2000 10:17 PM
Marshall jcm-900
R-30 and C-12 values or if possible the schqematic diagram.(speakers terminal board) Thanks.
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5/12/2000 11:22 PM
Ray Ivers

On my JCM900 Dual Reverb schematic (there are 3 JCM900 models), I have 22n (.022 uF) for C12 (driver tube coupling cap) and 22K ohm, 1 watt metal oxide (flameproof?) for R30 (series dropping resistor for driver/preamp HV supply). I think the rear chassis boards are the same for all three models, but I don't know for sure.  
I believe the schematics are available here:  
Ray Ivers

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