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old speaker identity

5/8/2000 12:06 AM
old speaker identity
I've got this speaker:  
Black, 12", square back side / square magnet, and with this writen in a corner on green simbols:  
Because of it being "reversed" polarity, and what the dealer told me, it is suposed to be an alnico Jensen speaker, 67 meaning the year, with an impedance of 8 ohms.  
What else or just what could I know from these speakers?  
This type / model of speaker doesn't appear in Weber / Jensen (history link) site.  
5/8/2000 2:23 AM

dont buy it from this dealer. hes a liar through and through it is not a jensen its an eminence speaker jensens have 220 in their code eminence has a 67 in it go to  
for some great info on speaker codes and dating  
btw it is a 1980 speaker if i read it correctly  
5/8/2000 2:27 AM
Eric Eisenhower

Uh, that's an Eminence manufactured in the 15th week of 1980. Eminence is 67, jensen is 220, I think.
5/8/2000 2:29 AM
Whoa... I'd sure like to know who that dealer is. He's not even close and is obviously trying to pull one on you.  
Somebody's part number (probably Fender)  
Eminence, 15th week of 1980.  
5/8/2000 4:26 AM
Peter S

all the above answers are true.....the dealer is either ignorant about the codes or a theif either way he loses me as customer....hopefully you too.....of course you could go tell him you're onto his scam and offer him 25 bucks for it.
5/8/2000 12:57 PM

That was valuable accurate info.  
Nice place Ampage is.  
Thank you.  

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