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Re: Which glue for tolex?

5/5/2000 4:06 PM
Re: Which glue for tolex?
I was inspired to ask this question after looking at your "briefcase". I can't seem to open the text document. I am using an iMac, isn't the tutorial in Word format? Perhaps you could export it to HTML or email it to me not as an attachment though?  
5/5/2000 5:36 PM

Hi Nic,  
I don,t know why it wouldn't open for you, it is in Microsoft Word format. So, I did this, I opened another photo album called "Tolex Text in jpg format" you can see the four pages of text that way. I would be glad to fax it to you if you email me with a fax number. Or I could email the pages to you as a jpg attachment.  
5/8/2000 11:31 AM

I still cannot open any of your folders  
The computer say that the  
doesn't exist when it's looking for the pix.  
I'd be glad if you could mail me the  
tutorial too.  
5/9/2000 1:59 AM

I am printing the entire thing right now, and I am going to send it to you via "Snail Mail."  
It should be there in Sweden in a week or so.  
5/5/2000 11:53 AM
Winnie Thomas

Here's another vote for DAP contact cement.  
5/5/2000 4:09 PM
Steve Jones

Ahh, a sticky subject...  
One guy here a while back recommended "Tear Mender" to me, made by an outfit in Chicago called "Vala". An ammonia-based latex product. I tried it (after going through a lot of trouble to find it) and maybe I got a bad batch, but for me it didn't work worth a hoot and just made a huge mess of my tolex. It didn't stick at all to the wood. Had to pitch the tolex.  
Since AES (I think) sells 3M Super 77 adhesive as a Tolex Adhesive I tried that, but can't recommend that either. Since it sprays it is very messy and I had trouble with some of the tolex coming loose. Also, it does NOT glue tolex to tolex. My wife got me to try Vinyl-to-vinyl wallpaper paste to glue the tolex to tolex and that sort of worked, but I ended up resorting to plain old household cement for the problem spots.  
Other posts I've seen recommend Welbond (in the red can) and something called PVA glue (whatever that is). But I've not tried either of them.  
Next project I do I'll try the DAP Contact Cement, since several of you recommend that.  
Has anybody used hide glue? Isnt't that what Fender used? How is that to work with and where do you get it?  
5/5/2000 4:17 PM
Jethro Tull Bodine

..TiteBond has a hide glue..premixed in the plastic squeeze bottles in the paint department at Home Depot..Super77 never really "tightens" up...the best luck I've had is with good ol contact cement..both water and solvent based...Have to try the "stepped on" Titebond..  

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