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Which glue for tolex?

5/5/2000 1:22 AM
nic Which glue for tolex?
What type of glue is best for applying tolex?  
5/5/2000 3:02 AM

I recently recovered a 2x12 fender cab using tolex and plain old contact cement from walmart it turned out awesome be warned you will think the tolex is ruined because it kinda bubbles but when it dries its tight and worked well for me!
5/5/2000 3:08 AM
Lee M.

I use DAP contact cement with great results. Just follow the instructions.
5/5/2000 4:17 AM

You might find some help here >>->  
There are three photo files and one text file all with "Tolex Tutorial" in the titles.  
5/5/2000 1:27 PM
Peter S

I use tightbond cut with water.......I wouldnt want to be the one who has to remove it's on ther permanently......I guess you could steam it off.  
Peter S
5/6/2000 9:23 PM
I've got a couple amps done with  
Titebond, using blond tolex.  
I've used various things like contact  
cements, etc. but the Titebond seems to  
work the best. The thing it does that  
most of the contact cements don't do is,  
it gets really hard after it dries, with  
no shrinkage, giving the tolex a harder texture. This is very helpful on corners and can make  
them look a lot tighter. I double cut  
the corners and tape them tightly until  
the glue is dry. Getting the stuff off the  
vinyl is a pain, so you have to clean it  
up before it dries.  
Have not tried thinning it with water.  
Does that make it easier to get a consistent  
amount of glue on the surfaces. How much  
do you thin it? And, any neat tricks for holding  
the edge wraps in place until dry?  
Regards, SF
5/6/2000 11:30 PM
Peter S

I thin it just a little.....about 6 or 7 parts glue to 4 or 3 parts water respectively....sometimes even less. It just gives me a little more time to work with it....also makes it easier to wipe of the excess. As far as hit it......tape.....sometimes I'll use a staple gun to temporarily hold some edges down.....I pull it as tight as I can and tack it with the staple gun.....this is only an option in places where the holes from the staples will be covered by something sucj as the inside the cabinet where the chassis mounts or under the peaker grill. As far I can tell, and this is after 30 years of doing this.....the Titebond is THE adhesive is not an option for me.....I used to use it but not any nore. Hot Hide glue is cool for authenticity, but it's not as easy to use.  
Peter S
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