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Re: Overdriving Power Transformers

5/5/2000 1:21 PM
Re: Overdriving Power Transformers
The idea of a "30W" OT is kind of confusing.. OT's get rated (generally) at a particular freq (or band of..) and distortion .. 30W at 20Hz-20kHz for instance.. it's a guide to a useful power range. The true limits are a function of many more variables (B+, primary current, and flux, freq range, etc) Cheap "undersized" OT's work great in guitar amps bc we don't need much below 100Hz.. those last 3 octaves that are so hard to reproduce aren't there at all.. same with the high end (generally).  
When using a smaller OT, you do need to take measures not to exceed the max current through the primary:  
a: because you don't want to melt the wire (or burn through the insulation)  
b: because you don't want to saturate the tranny core (sounds lousy, in general)  
Best way to modulate how much current is going through is just what you said: be aware of your output tube type, and their characteristics at some B+ level.

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