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Old Vox Bull dogs vs. New Celestion Blues

4/29/2000 1:20 AM
Jim Wheeler
Old Vox Bull dogs vs. New Celestion Blues
I bought today, or at least ordered, a Celestion G12 AlniCo Blue. I thought $200 was pretty good price for one.  
I come home, and for less money find someone selling two (2) Vox Bulldog Alnico 12's from an early 70's SS AC30(viscount) combo. One was reconed in '82, one is original, with black plastic magnet cover and gold frames.  
Are these the same great sounding speakers? Any reason why I sould pick one over the other?  
4/29/2000 4:22 AM
Tim Swartz

They are NOT Celestions, they are Oxfords. They are sonic turds in comparison, and worth a fraction of real deals.  
4/29/2000 4:27 AM
Jim S.

Which speaker are you talking about, the reissue or the speakers from the old SS Vox amp?
4/29/2000 4:32 AM
Tim Swartz

The gold ones with the black plastic magnet cover.  
4/29/2000 5:35 AM
Ted Breaux

Tim's right. Those gold frame 'bulldogs' are Oxfords, and are not up to the old Celestion alnico blue and silver frame speakers, not by a long shot. Thomas put bulldog stickers on both the gold Oxfords and the silver alnico Celestions, so this can be confusing. The repro blues are very nice sounding speakers, and are a very good repro of the originals. The cones are a little tight at first, but after playing them for awhile, they settle right in. You did the right thing, and $200 apiece is very good. You won't be disappointed!
4/29/2000 7:33 AM
Jim Wheeler

Thank you all for your help. Buyin the old "posers" would have beena mistake.
4/29/2000 9:59 AM

Did someone actually represent the Viscount to you as a solid-state version of an AC-30? I suppose that's one way to look at it, but the comparison is really meaningless, as the two amps have nothing in common.  

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