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4/29/2000 12:05 AM
i have used an EV12L for years, and i really like it except for the hi mids. as one person here said, it has a brash hi mid sound that can get somewhat annoying. i tend to agree. tho it's not enough to discourage me from using it cuz i like the rest of it's personality more than any othe speaker i've tried. but i never tried an EV SRO, and i'd like to hear from anyone who has used both. i'd like to know what are the differences and similarities. is the SRO like the 12L in the hi-mids, or is it more linear without any spikes? and is it a speaker with a very similar basic personality as the 12L. anything you can tell me would be great.  
ps--similarities and differences physically too. same frame? magnet?
4/29/2000 1:15 AM
I have used both a lot and the SRO has a brighter and more towards a JBL D120 sound,,somewhat.  
4/29/2000 4:33 AM
Tim Swartz

The old white alnico SROs (there were some later black ceramic EV speakers named SROs) are incredibly smooth sounding with maybe a little bump in the low mids. They are not harsh or abrasive like an EVM. They have a lushness that I've not heard in other speakers.  
4/29/2000 4:53 AM
Gil Ayan

I cna't be impartial -- so take this as a disclaimer -- because I do like EVM 12Ls, overall, they are my favorite speaker for 1x12 configurations.  
But let me point out that there are a couple of different versions out there. There is the old kind, then there is a Series II, and then the most recent ones with the bigger basket, rated at 300W istead of 200W.  
For anyone that's "stuck" with an EVM they don't like:  
1. Let me know, I will probably take it!  
2. Try rear mounting the thing, it does tend to minimize the upper midrange taht way.  
4/29/2000 3:30 PM
Ray Ivers
Speaker Comparison
Here I go applying the "kiss of death" to another favorite speaker...  
Have you ever heard the EVM-12S? About 8 years ago I got a wild hare up my ass and decided to do a 'mega-speaker shootout', so I got four Marshall 4-12 cabs and put in the following speakers (2 each), with separate jacks to each pair, and I footswitched back and forth for all combinations below over the course of a few months (below each are my super-nutshell comments, pure opinion, from memory):  
Celestion Rola G12M-25 (original 70's - 003 cones)  
crunchy, slightly raspy, not very loud, a little bland compared to newer speakers  
Celestion pre-Rola G12H-25 (014 cones)  
tired, cardboardy, lifeless compared to the others; I think maybe these older speakers should be only compared among themselves  
Celestion G12H-100 CE (cambric-edge)  
loud, NO PE rasp, great bass, no accentuation of 'fuzz' frequencies, my favorite Celestion (discontinued, of course)  
Celestion Sidewinder  
loud, a little PE (paper-edge) rasp, great for a clean sound and dirty sound at high volumes, good bass, real aggressive sounding  
Celestion Vintage 30  
fair bass and low mids, a litte raspy, not real loud, didn't seem to have much 'character' to me  
JBL E-120  
real loud, nice smooth mids, a little bass-shy, great speaker-induced string sustain from all angles, not super bright (surprisingly), better for dirty than clean IMO!  
great bass, very balanced, no mid peak, very nice non-raspy highs (cone is shaped like a trumpet) - the best EV I've heard by far  
seems like a PA speaker to me, good bass, quite loud, great for clean but seemed edgy dirty  
How's that for way more than you asked for? I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I'm not sure what an EV SRO speaker is - is that the same as an OEM EV with no magnet sticker, which I always thought was identical to an EVM, or a different speaker altogether?  
4/29/2000 5:27 PM
Tim Swartz

The SR0s are from the late '60s early '70s, and predate the EVMs. They have monsterous alnico magnets that are about 4" deep and 5" across (you can barely fit one in a Deluxe Reverb).  
5/1/2000 7:27 PM
John Stokes
Oh yeah, a monster alnico magnet and it's deep. A friend put a pair of SROs in a Pro Reverb and it would tip-over backwards with little provocation.
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