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Steely Dan on VH1: What was that amp?

4/27/2000 11:45 PM
JaySG Steely Dan on VH1: What was that amp?
There was an amp I'd never seen on the Steely Dan  
Storytellers show. From right to left there  
was a Heartbreaker head on a 2-12" cabinet, a  
Bogner head on a 4-12" Bogner slant cabinet, then  
the mystery head with a matching 2-12" cabinet.  
Anybody know what it was -- chassis down, two rows  
of knobs, gold panel, elongated diamond shaped logo  
on head and cabinet.  
I saw them in '74 on their last tour as the almost  
original band version of Steely Dan with Baxter and  
Diaz on guitars, McDonald on 2nd keyboard, and two  
backup singers. Almost everyone on the stage got  
to sing lead, including Baxter destroying My Old  
School. Fagan's ARP Oddesey refused to play  
in tune. Ey, those were the days...
4/27/2000 11:54 PM

That there was a Guytron. I own one so I'm familiar with it. The logo is oval BTW. Cool amp. Hope this helps!  
4/28/2000 3:40 AM
Daver is right. That was a Guytron.  
4/28/2000 11:16 AM
I was gonna post that same question myself, I thought it was a Guytron.
4/28/2000 5:22 PM
Thanks all. I associated it with the 2nd guitar  
player who had a blistering tone on one solo with  
a 335. Since they were wireless, who knows when it  
was really being used.  
I pulled up their website. Interesting design. The  
PS Systems EBS 100 runs a 50W plexi circuit into a  
reactive load, then into a solid state 100W amp,  
with some extra midi features. FWIW, PS Systems  
died and evolved into Ebtech, which makes the Hum  
Eliminator and a couple other small devices.
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