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Re: Schematics of peavey the classic

4/28/2000 4:14 AM
Steve Slick
Re: Schematics of peavey the classic
Hey Ivan,  
I was looking at the references Ray Ivers listed above. That bottom URL to Steve Ahola's Blue Guitar has several Peavey Classic models, both layout and schematic.  
That's all you need, dude. I'd start comparing what you got against the schematics, and send an e-mail to Peavey or post at the forum when you find differences, and you're good to go.  
I'm pretty sure that most of those "Classic" Models were copies of early Fender designs with updates. The only ones I've worked on were the VT Series, Deuce amps.  
I'm pretty sure the differences between the different Classic models were minor. That's what I mean by bouncing what you see against the schematic and asking Peavey about the differences you find.  
Let us know how it goes.  
Good Luck,  
4/29/2000 11:42 AM
Thanks all of you.  
the amp is Peavey The Classic and manual to it can be found from:  
I have to ask schems from peavey and i let you know how lucky Im gonna be...  
5/2/2000 7:47 AM
I send email to peavey and they reply that they are gonna send me those schematics... wow, I love that kind of customer service...  
Thanks all of you...  
4/27/2000 7:15 PM
Rick Erickson

"does any one have schematics of Peavey The classic (old tube amp...)? Thanks"
Does your amp actually say "The Classic"?  
I've never heard of this model. Here's a listing of some Peavey amps produced under the name "Classic".  
Classic 30  
Classic 50  
Classic 120/120  
Classic 50 212/410  
Classic 50/50  
Classic Chorus 130  
Classic Chorus 212  
Classic VT Series  
Classic VTX Series  
Is your amp one of these? You must be specific about the model before we can help you. Is this a solid state preamp with tube power, does it have any "extras" such as chorus, phaser, reverb, vibrato etc.? Any info you can give will make it easier for someone to locate the proper schematic. Would you guess this amp was made in the 70's, 80's , or 90's? Old is a relative term. To me, guitars and amps made in the 70's aren't really old, old ones were made in the '50's or earlier, but that's from my perspective. YMMV.  
4/27/2000 9:11 PM
Steve Slick

Rick's question was going to be my next. If you're not familiar with Harnony Central, you should be.  
They have a product review database out there that lists a lot of Peavey amps. Most of the reviews--especially toward the bottom--discuss the tube configuration, model, etc. Take a look at that to get a better idea of which one it is.  
Most of the reviewers have e-mail addresses. I would e-mail the ones that have reviewed the amp you have and ask them if they have schematics for it. You might get something quickly online. Who know?  
Steve Slick
4/27/2000 10:13 PM

Hi Ivan,  
I've never heard of "The Classic" either but then there's alot I don't know. I do know that I have two schematics of amps called Classic, one has just a normal and bright input with reverb. The second one has normal, parallel, series and bright inputs with reverb and trem. Either of those like the one you got? Let me know and I'll try to help.  
I purchased a few schematics from Peavey maybe four years ago. Their customer service was excellent, received the schematics in just a very few days best I recall. But today with the internet, it may just be that they can email you a copy if not on their site already. Thought I did see at least one schematic on their site in the download manuals secton. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, holler back if you want.  
PS I've got a Peavey Bandit that needs fixing, belongs to one of my best friends and his name is Ivan. Reading your post made me think of him. That darn amp fried one of my Celestion G12 Classic Lead 80 speakers. It put out about 38 volts at the speaker terminal (DC) and before I realized it my speaker was smoking. Pissed me off!!! If I ever connect to a transformerless output, I'll always put a fuse in series with the speaker.
4/28/2000 1:38 AM
Steve Slick

I'm not having much luck finding any Peavey schematics. I had never noticed before, but there aren't many out there. I think the fact that a lot of those early Fender designs, and their Marshall copies, were actually public domain designs by the tube manufactures makes it a lot easier to publish them.  
Have you tried the Peavey forum? It's at the Peavey site. You have to give them a name and e-mail address to get a logon. The guys there are about like here except they're fanatics about Peaveys.  
The reason I like it so much is that the service amp technicians get online and respond to serious questions. Peavey is not the best amp, although I think a case can be made that they are one of the best for the price. But their customer service is the best I've seen.  
See if you can get TB to send you a copy of his. Between that, tracing the PCBs yourself and asking questions at the Peavey forum, you should be able to figure it out.  
Just a thought,  
Steve Slick
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