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Schematics of peavey the classic

4/26/2000 9:55 AM
Ivan Schematics of peavey the classic
does any one have schematics of Peavey The classic (old tube amp...)? Thanks  
4/26/2000 12:05 PM
Ray Ivers

Maybe you've tried this already...  
I just went to, typed in 'The Classic' in the search window, hit Go, and then was asked if I wanted to download the owner's manual (1.06 MB, Adobe Acrobat .pdf format). You might want to try and see if the print is included - I know in the old Peavey manuals from the '70's it was, although you may have to buy it from them now. I have purchased schematics from Peavey - I believe I have the 5150 amp and oa few other guitar amps, plus a PA SS power amp - I'll have to look and see. It was no big deal, costing maybe $5 to $10 a print. Their number is (601) 483-5365.  
Hope this helps!  
Ray Ivers  
R.A.G.E. Electronics
4/26/2000 5:42 PM
Thanks, but the manual does not include schematics and I live in Finland so itīs quite difficult to order schematics from USA (I donīt have credit card...). But i have to try if someone have it here or get it by net somewhere...  
4/26/2000 5:54 PM
Ray Ivers

Try these Web pages:  
Only the first one above has one for 'The Classic' amp, and I believe this site may charge for its schematics - so I may not have helped you out too much. You might call Peavey and see if there's any way they can help you out; Peavey may have some problems, but to the best of my knowledge customer service is not one of them.  
4/27/2000 9:06 AM
Thanks very much.  
4/27/2000 5:38 PM
Steve Slick

I can't imagine someone here not having a copy. They can scan it into a JPEG file or some other compressed format and e-mail it to you.  
Regardless, I'm sure you can get an international money order at a bank. I'd e-mail them directly. They are extremely helpful. I'd be surprised if they don't have a European distributor that you could get it from.  
Another thing is from a book. I'm not sure if it's in The Tube Amp Book by Aspen Pittman. You might be able to buy that book in Finland.  
If not, e-mail me and remind me. I have friends that have a lot of schematics. I can check with them and help you out.  
Remember, remind me if nobody else helps you out here.  
Cheers To Finland,  
Steve Slick
4/27/2000 5:51 PM
hello Steve,  
Thanks for being so helpful...  
I have seen that Pittmans book, I have to check if itīs included that schem. but as I remember there isnīt many (or any) Peavey schematics in that book.  
One of my friends found that amp and bought it with very little money but itīs in anful condition so he ask me to repair it. And ofcourse I would like to do that but before I can start I have to get the schematics...  
I keep on searchin that schems, and If i donīt find that I give you an email.  
Thanks a lot.  
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