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4/22/2000 6:03 PM
Steve A.
I could do a video and crush some more tubes to add realism to it.  
    Just what the world needs... tube snuff flicks!  
--Thanks for sharing your experiments with us! You did ask for volunteers among the Sovteks— right?  
Steve Ahola
4/22/2000 4:00 PM
Re: The Truth About Sovtek 12AX7LP and LPS Myth
"... well at least he didn't drill a hole to add a master volume control!"
Soooo true!!! I drill holes in everything I get in ... mostly because it looks cool. You can mount a mess of LED's in looks like a christmas tree!!!!! (yehhh)  
Where's my Sunday mourning coffee?  
4/22/2000 4:26 PM
Carlo tree?!?! You crack me up Trace. thanks for the laugh!  
Say - if you can find your sunday mornin' coffee, let me know cos that ability to go into the future will come in handy.  

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