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Re: The Truth About Sovtek 12AX7LP and LPS Myth

4/22/2000 1:07 AM
Steve A.
Re: The Truth About Sovtek 12AX7LP and LPS Myth
"But, Tim, couldn't you have found a non-invasive way to do the same thing?"  
... well at least he didn't drill a hole to add a master volume control!  
Steve Ahola
4/22/2000 4:06 AM
Tim C.

Hi Dave,  
Yes the LP is around a dollar less wholesale.  
Tim C.
4/22/2000 4:41 AM
Dave M.

Thanks, Tim. I was curious because I did a quick check on a retail price, and it showed the LP a dollar more than the LPS. That's just one listed retail price, though, so YMMV, etc.  
-Dave M.
4/22/2000 5:03 AM
Steve Slick

He's still an evil man. :)  
Steve Slick
4/22/2000 3:07 PM
Tim C.
Re:Aren't all filaments spiral anyway?
I didn't print this originally, but one of the reasons I was curious was that I thought all filaments were wound spirally anyway. How else could you do them? Twisted pairs? I think not.  
Take Care and Happy Easter to all.  
Tim C.
4/22/2000 3:59 PM

Hi Tim - thanks for your sacrafice in the name of science...much appreciated. Any chance we can see some pictures of those innards?  
4/22/2000 4:40 PM
Tim C.

I would be glad to assist in posting pictures if anyone is interested. I would need assistance though because I don't have a scanner. I do good to be able to post on here.  
I could send them to someone with a scanner if need be or maybe get someone I know here to help.  
I could do a video and crush some more tubes to add realism to it. Maybe I could sell them as Horror movies! :)  
Tim C.

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