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Amp recovering sources?

4/20/2000 11:02 PM
Lee M.
Amp recovering sources?
I'm going to recover a Traynor Guitar Mate cab (which now houses my November). Vibroworld seems to have about the best selection I've found (I want something other than the typical black/brown/beige) and competitive prices. Any place else I should check online? I'm going to a local car seat cover place tomorrow to see what I can get locally in vinyl but I think it will be too thick to work with.
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4/20/2000 11:35 PM

WalMart, of all places sells a vinyl that is pretty decent, just watch, some has a feltlike backing.. IT works ok, but I'm not sure about the long-term reliability of that, and it's like $3.39/sq yd. pretty cheap!  
I dont not envy you one bit in doing the tolex. Everyone told me it would be tough, but I'm a bullheaded Italian/German/Irish person, and had to try for myself. I'm about half done with my cabinet, but the worset is yet to come, I have to get joints to line up. It's just soooo time consuming, and frustrating. If you are not grey already, you will be. if you are already grey, you'll be bald... if you are already bald... I'd be afraid to say! My next amps will be 'exotic hardwood' ro I'm paying someone to do it. Period.
4/21/2000 3:35 AM
Lee M.

I went to Walmart right after I saw an earlier post of yours on this subject but my local store doesn't carry vinyl. I've used Tolex and it's not bad because it's thin. I've used vinyl (car top) material and Naugahyde and both are thicker than Tolex and harder to work with, especially on the corners. BTW, I'm already gray and I'm not worried about the bald thing yet (although my barber says he doesn't have to use the thinning shears anymore;-)
4/21/2000 2:31 AM

Good luck Lee!  
I've been sourcing different color and textured Tolex type materials for years and I have some fabulous samples, but, unless you are willing to buy a minimum of 50 to 1000 yards, no one will talk to you unless you can convince them your a small 100 to 200 yard buyer and you need a 1.5 yard sample...hint hint.  
4/21/2000 3:47 PM
Lee M.

I decided to go with the Naugahyde again. It's not quite as easy to work with as Tolex but I found a really nice burgundy with a little texture to it and at $4.50/yard, I just couldn't pass it up.
4/25/2000 5:17 PM

Hi Lee, Could you tell me where you found the naugahide at as I would like to get some for some cabs I built. By the way. There is a material at Home depot that looks like old Marshall grill cloth That I found in the gardening section that is durable and black and is like a wove molded material. Its sold in 6' by 1' for $2.80 , I bought 4' of this and installed some on one of my cabs and this stuff looks axactally like the real thing. Its some kinda ground material. Check it out. I dont know if all Home Depots carry it but it is on a 6' reel in the gardening section. Thanks.  
4/25/2000 10:24 PM
Lee M.

Thanks for the tip. Not sure if we have a Home Depot in town but we've got Lowe's and Menard's so maybe they'd have something similar.  
I got my vinyl/Naugahyde at a local upholsterer. They had a wide variety of very attractive stuff and I picked a burgundy with a slight texture. Unlike Tolex it's got some kind of backing but having used it before I know it will work. Another potential source is a place that does car interiors or vinyl roofs. They have similar stuff.  
Good luck.  

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