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Fuchs cab

4/19/2000 2:25 PM
Steve Snider
Fuchs cab
I recently ordered a Fuchs Audio head and cab and yesterday the cab arrived and that thing is a work of art. Beautiful build quality. The Langate wood is spectacular and the jointry looks better than anything I have seen. Sounds great as well and it's small and light for a closed back EV loaded cab. I can't wait for the head to arrive and see how it sounds, compares to my other amps etc. Awesome stuff.  
4/20/2000 10:21 PM
Dave James
email Sound bites?  
4/21/2000 3:07 AM
Annie Nonymous
Try The ported EV-12-L is a "clone" of the tuning for the Dumble single 12" cabinet. The amps are also quite "inspired" by Mr. 'D' as well. Neat stuff. Also some swell mods as well.  
4/21/2000 6:19 AM
Steve Snider
That is awesome!! Much better route to his site than what I have been telling people!  
Steve Snider
4/21/2000 4:29 AM
Steve Snider
Re: Fuchs cab
yep! Go to his website!!  
I have a 50 watt head coming. Fully loaded with all the goods. Very excited to fire it up and see how it compares to the other stuff I have.  
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