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Ground Switch on Deluxe Reverb (Reissue)

4/19/2000 1:46 AM
Bombay Ground Switch on Deluxe Reverb (Reissue)
I just did a bias job on two 1993 Deluxe reverbs and found that the ground switches were never hooked up at the factory (two brand new switches never been soldered). Has anyone else seen anything like this on these amps I would like to hear about it, or any other stories that are out there.
4/19/2000 1:54 AM
Tim C.

None of them are hooked up. Fender just put them on for appearance sake. Same with the Bassman reissues except for the early ones which were hooked up.  
Tim C.
4/19/2000 2:03 AM
Thanks Tim I was wondering what was going on. I wonder what that dead switch added to the cost of the amp?, and how many people are flicking those things out there and still getting shocked. :)
4/19/2000 1:57 PM

Just cosmetic to retain the authenticity of the reissue. No need for it with a grounded cord I guess.

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