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speaker question

4/18/2000 8:49 PM
speaker question
i have an EV12L in my silver jubilee combo, and i like it except for one thing. it has a bit too much upper mids and treble, and i need to turn my treble and presence down quite low on the amp. my belief is that when you turn your amp's hi end down to compensate for a speaker's brightness, it doesn't work as well tonally as when you need to turn the highs on the amp up to compensate for a darker speaker. therefore i want a speaker that has as close to the properties as an EV as possible but without the excessive hi mids and treble. anyone know of a high powered speaker like this?  
4/18/2000 9:06 PM
Jim S.

Is your amp a 50-watt, 1x12 combo? I think they came standard with a Celestion Vintage 30 (which is rated for 60 watts RMS).  
I personally never cared much for the sound of the EV12L in combo amps. To my ears, it's not that these speakers are overly bright, but its the CHARACTER of their upper frequencies that can sometimes be annoying. They seems to have a brash "steely" quality that can make an amp seem harsh unless the presence control is turned way down.  
I don't know of any high-powered (200 watts RMS handling capacity or more) speakers to recommend, but I would have to wonder if you wouldn't be happier with a good Celestion speaker. Choices that would work well are: Vintage 30, Classic 80, or the heavy-duty 100 watt model (which might be hard to find). The Vintage 30 has more upper midrange than the Classic 80. I think you would find any of these to sound warmer than the EV, with a more extended but smoother and more musical high end. Celestions just seem to be good at translating the Marshall crunch tone. This is just my opinion, of course.
4/19/2000 3:16 AM

you pretty much nailed the description of the EV. sometimes it's great, other times those upper mid tones get to me. i just want a speaker that has that solid punch but without that upper mid presence. but it doesn't have to be 200 watts. when i said high powered i meant a speaker thats not like a 70 or 80 watter or less. something thats not gonna sound flabby and out of comtrol when it gets punished. i've tried the celestion 100, and found it pretty bright sort of like an ev w/o the low end. i don't mean to say just like an ev, but also with too much hi end and solid sounding like an ev, but missing the low end. i determined this in an A/B situation. as you said the amp came with a vintage 30, and i put it back in and will try it, but i always disliked v30's having tried them 3 different times over the years. and i think it'll give me the thing i'm looking for in the high end, but at the price of the solid sound of the ev. i guess i'll not find what i want, but i don't understand why no one makes a speaker that would sound like an ev but without the upper mid "problem" that so many seem to consider the only thing keeping this from being a fantastic speaker.
4/19/2000 4:32 PM
Jim S.

Yes, the Vintage 30 does tend to sound a bit bass-shy when used in an open-back cabinet. The 80-watt Celestion might fit the bill better. Another possibility is the 100-watt speaker that VHT puts in their amps/cabs. It's probably made for them by Eminence. It's a British-style speaker, but it is not overly bright and has a solid bottom and midrange.
4/19/2000 4:54 PM
i've had this complaint from a lot my customers about ev's and also jbl's. the two speakers we found to be a bit mellower but still beefy like a ev were the celestion sidewinder a 150w speaker and also the eminience speaker used in the fender "the twin" series of amps. vintage 30's a really cool but simply can't handle the clean volume that these other speakers can reproduce.  
4/20/2000 5:25 PM
Sideways Jaye

I was going to mention the Sidewinder as a possible solution, I love mine in my SFDR. However, I don't think Celestion makes them any more. Does anybody know if these are still available anywhere or if Celestion makes a similar model?
4/20/2000 5:44 PM

they haven't made them for a while. but i'm looking for a used one. have you ever used an EV12L? if so, how does the sidewinder compare?  

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