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4/11/2000 8:44 PM
Hi there,  
Recently i downloaded the circuitmaker a really good proggie from a link i found here in the forum.  
I think that you did the same.Anyway I have some ideas.Anyone using his knowledge can build (virtually) a circuit based on his ideas and knowledge.Then he can give the *.ckt file to someone else to modify it or add his own ideas and finally the final *.ckt file will be sometimes a circuit that works and sounds great.In that way i can send some tube wahs i designed and a few other circuits based on opamps, transistors and tubes.  
What do you say??????????  
4/11/2000 10:40 PM
Frank Clarke

I have several tube and ss .ckt files. If there are enought takers we could even have an amp/fx/Circuitmaker mailing list, or a web page o' .ckt files.  
I'm up for it. Anyone else interested? It's a super-easy program to use. Just draw the circuit onscreen and check out all the voltages, waveforms and harmonics.
4/14/2000 9:24 PM
Tony leach

What's the link to get that program?  
4/16/2000 1:06 AM
Frank Clarke
4/16/2000 4:13 AM
Steve Slick

Yeah, but the pro version of that software costs $1300. I can't afford that! Excuse my ignorance about this (I am by trade a software engineer) but aren't there other software packages that do the same thing? And a lot cheaper?  
Be kinda neat if there was a free lite version for hobbists and hackers. Otherwise, I'm all for it.  
4/16/2000 10:09 AM

A bunch of us downloaded a demo and a patch, so no money changed hands. FWIW I've tried a bunch of these packages over the years, and this is the most user friendly I've seen. (In that I can make it work!) Hopefully Ken will post that link again.  
4/16/2000 11:49 PM
Ken Gilbert
cm revisited
>hello folks!  
>i have finally optimized my sharing and delivery system for this program.  
there are three parts contained in this zip file: the demo program, the  
crack patch, and a readme file i wrote to explain the process.  
>there is a direct link to the file below:  
>you don't have to log into anything, or type anything in, to download the  
program. just right click, and save as (or equivalent), or you can cut and  
paste the link into your browser address bar and save the file to disk.  
>note that the program is for windows users only. sorry mac guys.  
>you can find a description of the program here on microcode's website:  
>i can provide instructions for how to direct link to a juston shared file  
if others are interested in sharing stuff in this way. i learned it from  
the porno hackers ;^) as for instructions on how to use circuitmaker,  
you're on your own.  

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