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Re: Edicron 6CA7's.....Are they cheap?

4/12/2000 1:26 PM
frank Re: Edicron 6CA7's.....Are they cheap?
look here for ideas....
4/12/2000 1:57 PM

"I would love to find some 6CA7's. Where should I look and how much should I expect to pay?"
The sylvania 6ca7's are a bit rare these days (thanx mr. evh!) I have found the Ruby STR-el34B un8its to be VERY similar to the Sylvania 6ca7's, and even hold up decently well in a music man which is konwn for putting over 700v on the plates... sound wise very similar... at 'clean' volumes, they are a bit more 'musical' than an el34 (which caqn tend to sound almost sterile in some guitar amps)... i mena the 6ca7 wont sound just like a 6l6, but in the music mans, can make them sound welll fendery *laugh*. Cranked, they compress a bit like an el34, but hold some top like a 6l6. EVH was known to use the sylvania 6ca7's in his plexi, partially responsible for his so-coveted tone. The Ruby's are a great value, and probably the only chinese power tube I would consider. I got t5he set that I tried from Lord Valve at NBS electronics (sorry, dont know the webpage off the top of my head!). I paid $50 for a matched quad, so the price is right as well. (Just make sure you get the str-el34B, the el34a just are NOT hte same *laugh*)
4/13/2000 5:21 AM
No they aren't cheap. but then they are the only currently manufactured units worth spending yer hard earned $ on. Simply forget any of the third world built shit.. it's exactly that. Suggest you try 'Audio' sources, yes you may pay a bit more but at least you won't be herded into buying some relabled chinese/or soviet junk.
4/13/2000 1:28 PM

hey joe mccarthy, not to burst your bubble, but the russians (they aren't soviets anymore) make some pretty good tubes.  

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