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Help with super-spice simu

3/30/2000 4:24 AM
Help with super-spice simu
Hi there,  
I am having dificulty working with Super-Spice running simulations. I am new to the product. I just want to test a tone stack and cannot seem to get the thing to work. I cannot figure out why it cannot complete the netlist. I will e-mail the sss file if anyone wants to take a look.  
Thanks in advance
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3/30/2000 6:10 AM

"I just want to test a tone stack and cannot seem to get the thing to work."
are you using fixed resistors, or does he have models for pots yet?
3/30/2000 8:15 AM

I have fixed resistors that I would change the values on. I say "would" because I cannot get a sim to run and produce output.  
I have the netlist complete, but I still cannot get a signal to go through it. I would love to get my "Strainwreck Sexpress" working in this program.  
I read the expresso text file on blue's. If anyone else has come up with anything else on this amp, I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone wants to buy a real one, I might have a contact.  
3/31/2000 1:38 AM
Randall Aiken

Zip up the file and send it to me and I'll fix it for you.  
Randall Aiken
3/31/2000 1:39 PM

Randy, I do not know about you, but the product looks and feels like it was developed by an engineer in the typical lone-engineer ad-hoc, kludge/run/crash/debug fashion. As a person who has earned his living developing commercial, operating-system-level and defense-related, zero-defect, embedded software for a long time, I can honestly say that the product has a long way to go before it is usable by anyone  
other than the most patient of people. The product seems to have zero exception handling, and is extremely riddled with bugs. These are telltale signs of a developer/development team that does not understand how to develop complex, industrial-strength software. Without a good development process, the bugs will grow exponentially as the program size increases linearly. The product is too small to have this many bugs. It will only get worse as features are added.  
4/1/2000 1:36 AM
Randall Aiken

Mark, it is indeed developed by an analog IC designer, not a software engineer, and yes, it does have lots of bugs, and is not very intuitive.  
Having said that, it is still a fine program, and more importantly, it is *free*. I paid almost $10,000 for my OrCad (now Cadence) PSpice, Capture, and Layout Plus packages, which are also full of bugs, albeit a bit more polished. Kevin Aylward's SuperSpice will do everything the PSpice product will do, and then some. He responds very quickly to bug reports and requested features. Try getting a response from the weasels at OrCad/Cadence sometime. The only response I ever got from them was that if I didn't pay my "maintenance" on time, I'd have to pay and extra 50%, which means my maintenance for Layout Plus will be $3000 this year if I choose to renew it, not to mention the maintenance for Capture and PSpice.  
I say give the guy a break, he is offering a great service to us all by providing this product free of charge. It has the makings of a great product, given time. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and work with him on eliminating the bugs. There aren't too many free schematic packages out there, and certainly no free Spice packages that compare to this.  
Also, Kevin has indicated that he may be interested in open-sourcing the code at some point. I think it would be great if a software pro such as yourself took it over and cleaned it up. You may want to email him and introduce yourself and offer some assistance, if you have time.  
4/1/2000 3:06 AM

I never said that I thought what the author was doing was not laudable. I commend Mr. Aylward on his accomplishment. The problem lies in the fact that in order for the community to gain real benefit from the product it must be polished and robust. Why? Because many people will be using it who are novices at both simulation and amplifier design (i.e., they will be doing their best, unintentionally, to make the program do things for which it was never intended.) A product such as this cannot be developed solo in one's free time. Maybe the product needs to be turned over to a project team in the spirit of AX84? There is nothing like getting feedback early in the design process to save one a boatload of time during construction.  

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