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G12M-70 vs. G12T-75?

3/27/2000 9:57 PM
Tom Brown
G12M-70 vs. G12T-75?
Hello all,  
A question for folks with a lot of experience with Celestion speakers. What's the difference between the G12M-70 and the G12T-75? Both Newsensor and Musician's Friend list both speakers in their online catalogs, but the Celestion website only lists the G12T-75. Newsensor has pretty much the same description for the M70 as for the T75-- both are "stock Marshall 4x12 replacement" speakers.  
Is there a difference? Is it possible this is the same speaker with different names? (but why are the prices different for the two in the catalogs?)  
I'm looking to replace two of my Vintage 30's in my Mesa Dual Recto cabinet to give the cabinet a little more bite... I've been told that the "standard Marshall" Celestion will do this for me, but which is the REAL Marshall Celestion??  
Thanks for the help folks!  
-Tom Brown
3/27/2000 10:32 PM
Ted Breaux

I am going out on a limb here, but if I recall correctly, the 75w is generally regarded as the better of the two. This has nothing to do with the power rating, but rather to a structural difference between them (like VC diameter or something) which gives the 75w unit the decided edge tonally speaking. I'm not sure what you mean by give your amp more 'bite', as the V30 is one of the most 'bitey' ceramic speakers around. As far as "the real Marshall Celestion", that could mean anything. Marshall has put a variety of Celestions in their cabs over the years, ranging from the 15w alnicos to the 25w and 30w greenbacks to the 65w units, etc. Also, I don't know what your cab is like, but some speakers which work fine in closed back cabs pretty well suck in open back cabs, so be advised. You should go to and listen to the speaker sound byte samples, and ask around before you leap financially.
3/28/2000 4:04 AM

I think G12M-70's are common in 80's-era  
closed-back 4x12" cabinets by Marshall. They  
don't sound all that wonderful. I have one  
that came out of my Vox AC-15 RI when I  
bought it used (the previous owner  
considered it an "upgrade"). The G12M-70 is  
just a very plain sounding speaker, showing  
it's limitations both on the high and low  
end. The articulation on the top end is not  
as defined as a better quality Celestion  
such as the Vox Blue reissue. In addition,  
the bottom end lacks articulation and it's  
way more apparent than the top-end limits.  
I can see this speaker being great for a  
very heavy-metal-type band that needs a  
low-end chord to have more oomph like a bass  
drum rather than precision as far as chords  
and notes go. G12M-70's can be bought for  
cheap used... like $40 to $50 each. In sum,  
I'd buy four G12M-70's if I needed them for  
a closed-back cab to play Korn tunes. I  
would not recommend them if you want to  
get a Rickenbacker to chime or if you need  
Jimmie Vaughan-like note definition. Good  
3/31/2000 3:03 AM

Hey Tom -  
I took 2 G12T-75's out of my Marshall 1936 2X12 cabinet and replaced them with V30's. They are in perfect condition, in fact, I would say they aren't even broken in yet as I didn't play through that cab long before putting in the V30's. If you are interested in them, shoot me an e-mail. I don't know what a fair price would be. Say, $100 for the pair? The G12T-75's are good speakers but I'm more interested in bluesier "vintage" type tone. The 75's are more "present" and articulate than I wanted but they are not at all harsh and are a quality speaker.
3/31/2000 10:16 PM
Contrary to Todd's post above, I thought the  
G12T75 was the 'standard' speaker in  
1980's marshalls. I have a jcm800  
1960A and it has G12T75's.
4/3/2000 2:13 PM

"Contrary to Todd's post above, I thought the  
G12T75 was the 'standard' speaker in  
1980's marshalls. I have a jcm800  
1960A and it has G12T75's."
The 75's didn't come out until the mid-80's. Before that the 70's were the standard speaker for Marshalls and for a couple of years (early 80's) 65's were the standard (probably the best high powered Celestion out there IMO). V30's were also available standard starting in the mid-late 80's.  
3/31/2000 11:09 PM

I have a valvestate 8080 cabinet (1 G12T) that I have since converted to a tube amp. I have have tried that cab as the guinea pig for all of my homebrew amps. I think the G12T sounds like crap. It has a decent high end and midrange, but the low end is real loose. It is if they are trying to compensate for a lack of bass response in the amplifier by loosening up the speaker's low end.  
Don't buy new G12T's as I think most places want 100+ bucks each. Get em used, as it is pretty common for people to replace these in their cabs with better speakers. Such as the V30 :)  
I think you will be happier with what you got now, but you may dig it! Just out of curiosity, who recommended this?  
Best of luck  

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