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Plexi Palace, Toneheaven & vintage amps

3/15/2000 5:46 AM
Matt Plexi Palace, Toneheaven & vintage amps
I'm looking for an old Marshall amp. Maybe even a plexi, if I can afford it. 100W SuperLeadI've been looking a lot for Marshalls from the 1960's, and have not been able to find much out there. (I'd like one for sound & collector value)Mostly because I think they sound less brittle or harsh than the 70's ones.My problem is where to find one and definitely who to trust with buying one. So far I've been told NOT to buy from Toneheaven or Plexi Palace. (with stories and lots of those 4 letter words)Can anyone help out where to buy and who to trust?Thank you.Matt
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3/15/2000 4:01 PM
Joe Lavely
I'm in the same situation. I'm looking for a 50W Plexi version, though.  
I'm curious - what bad stories have you heard about Toneheaven & Plexi Palace? You can email me at if you don't want to post them here.  
The other place that springs to mind for having a TON of Marshall inventory is San Diego guitars. You can find them at  
I cannot tell you anything about their trustworthiness, but they have some great inventory!  
Email me if you find somewhere with good selection that you trust.  
3/15/2000 4:13 PM
Jim S.
Re: Plexi Palace, Toneheaven & vintage amps
Probably ANY pre-PCB contruction SuperLead Marshall, including early-70's metal panel ones, can be easily modded to give tones you'd be very happy with. Remove or change values of a few caps, and the brittleness will be gone.
3/15/2000 6:26 PM

I went Matt & Joe;  
If it were me I would look at getting a 4-input'er from 1970-1973 (some 73's were PCB's but to be truly honest they sound great!) These amps are between $550-$650 depending on the wattage and condition. There are only a few very simple changes you need to make and you'll have yourself a plexi for about a $1,000 or so less!  
There's a store here in Ithaca, NY that has a few of these sort of models. They ship all over the place and the owner is a very stand up fella. If you are interested email me and I'll give you his email and phone number.  
3/15/2000 8:47 PM

If you don't mind the PCB boards in the later '73s, what do you think about the later ones with PCBs (ie. '74-'80)? I've been wanting to buy a 1959 after I move some of my other gear, but haven't decide if it's worth it to spend the extra $ for a PTP one or not.  
3/15/2000 11:04 PM

"If you don't mind the PCB boards in the later '73s, what do you think about the later ones with PCBs (ie. '74-'80)?"
I don't mind the amps from 74-79 at all. They sound good. It all depends on the amp to be honest. I think the consistancy was a bit better in the earlier 70's. (for things like plate voltage and all that). I would still buy one of the 70's amps over anything brand new that Marshall makes. You can't go wrong as far as that is concerned! (ha, ha)  
"I've been wanting to buy a 1959 after I move some of my other gear, but haven't decide if it's worth it to spend the extra $ for a PTP one or not."
Ross the PTP verions are of course easier to work on because they do not have PCB's. Aside from that I've A/B'ed the PTP versions with the PCB verions (73-76's) and no one can ever tell the difference. Of course we are talking about amps with similar plate voltages and the same values and parts.  
The PCB's were made pretty well back then. They have since gotten REALLY cheesy! (ha, ha) The 70's 2203's are pretty good as well. Good trannys as well. The JCM800 line (introduced in 1980) was the sad time for the 50watt trannys. They were pretty yucky. There were differnt trannys for the 2203's and the 2204's. (same goes for the older models as I recall) I think this is the biggest reason why people favored the 100 watters over the 50's (in my opinion) When I replace a 50 watt tranny with a plexi tranny it's sounds like the tone from the 100 watters! It's pretty hard to find a used 2203. If you see one I would snap it up quick!  
3/16/2000 7:14 AM

I have a ´78 2203 and a ´79 1959 and they both sound great.  
I prefer the late 70´s Marshalls because they sound nice and they´re not as expensive as the older ones.  
People seem to think their amps are worth fortunes just because they´re old.  
I wouldn´t mind owning a late 60´s plexi though :)  

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