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Re: Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?

3/14/2000 5:14 PM
John Stokes Re: Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?
Last time I worked on one of these real old amps with the 6SC7s, I absolutely could not find any that were not microphonic. Even the glass versions. I tried a whole bunch but they were so bad that the amp would feed back on itself with nothing plugged in. I had to break down and use one of those Groove Tubes "Substi-Tubes" socket adapters on the first gain tube and use a 12AX7 in that position. Hey, it worked, sounded good, no problem with the grid-leak biasing and the amp is still original.  
Those old TV-Front Deluxe amps have almost no clean headroom.  
3/14/2000 5:33 PM

You can just rewire the octal socket to accept a 6SL7GT. It's basically the same tube. The difference is that the 6SC7 has its two cathodes connected internally to one pin. Jumper pins 3&6 on the socket. It will now accept both tubes. (This only works where the circuit has common cathodes. A 6SC7 is no good where separate triode sections are necessary.) Much easier to find a low microphonic 6SL7GT.
3/17/2000 6:39 PM
Eric H

Field coil speaker?  
3/17/2000 1:43 AM
Re:Here are some #'s
On the Volume pots is indicated 1M.  
& the # 304016.  
The serial # of the amp os 2137.  
Sorry it took so long I was away from the  
pc for a few days.  
3/17/2000 11:50 AM
Naked Clarke

Joe, that Stackpole pot is from the 16th week of 1950. It's an oldie. I think that the TV Front Deluxe came out in mid 1948 so based on your serial number they were making a little over thousand a year.  
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