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Orange Schematic

3/7/2000 4:28 AM
Orange Schematic
Hey, I'm in need of the schematic to the Orange Overdrive head (120 or 80 watt). NOT the Orange Graphic head, I know those are floating around all over. If anyone knows where I might be able to find it, please, lemme know (or perhaps if you have it, send it over via email :) )  
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3/8/2000 10:24 AM
Tobias Karlsson

I've tried to get that one too, with no success.  
I've even mailed the Orange company but they refuse sending schematics to no one else but authorized dealers. So if anyone find the schem, please let me know!  
Tobias Karlsson in Sweden
3/9/2000 10:02 PM
Rick Erickson

The only diference between the standard and overdrive Orange amps is the addition of a dual 1M MV pot after the PI. The "extra" tube stage mentioned in Aspen Pittman's book does not exist in any OD amps I've seen.  
3/10/2000 5:21 AM

But then were did the "presence" control that orange says "controlls the amount of Orange Transitron effect mixed in" come from?
3/10/2000 10:57 AM
Rick Erickson

[Orange Transitron effect]  
Wow, they pay people good money to think up this stuff.  
The Presence control is the one marked "Boost" on some amps and is the one with a fist on the Graphic model. It controls the ammount of hf signal fed back into the cathode of the stage that drives the phase splitter. Interesting to note that the presence cap. also acts as a cathode bypass which would also tend to increase hf gain.  
In earlier designs the presence cap was .1uF, in later amps it was .47uF.  

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