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AC15 repair help needed

3/5/2000 12:40 AM
AC15 repair help needed
:VOX AC15  
Last time I remembered my old AC15 with is sleeping in my cellar for long.  
On this amp many unqualified persons did there things. I want to restore him to a useful and good sounding instrument.  
Now the questions  
1. The rectifier tube is not there and instead of this the is a diode rectifier solder on the tube socket, is this ok.? (I donīt like it, but money is short, so if ok., I will let it there)  
2. There are 5 small tubes, 3 ECC83, 1 ECC82 and one unknown(cant read anything on it). I pulled them out place them in order and when I go for another beer, I run to the table and there where mixed. Witch tube belongs to witch position? (I start counting from tube nearest the output x-former or input jack)  
3. Where in Germany I can buy good tubes not to expensive?  
4. How I bias this amp, what is the current between plate and middle output x-former?  
That's it.  
Stefan Pappert  

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