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Transformer question

2/10/2000 10:07 PM
Winston Transformer question
Although I am not a tech, nor have I gone to school for electronics, I read this forum religiously and have learnt quite a bit from it. My friend Mike has a Marshall jcm 800 which has been acting up for some time (noisy output) I thin it is the transformer. Two weeks ago, my neighbor gave me an old TV that was not well, the transformer inside of it has the same number of wires with close to the same colors as the one in the marshall, can I replace it with this one?  
When I tried it in the amp, I heard a crackling sound (volume down) and I think I saw some smoke. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,  
2/10/2000 11:16 PM

I'm going to go against my instincts and assume that this is not a troll.  
No, it's unlikely that the old TV set transformer would work in an amp, and it is likely that you would see smoke. The smoke could be interpreted as nature's way of telling you something's wrong 8-o  
Pull it out, and then figure out what was burned, fried or otherwise abused, then go to work debugging with the original transformer in the amp.
2/11/2000 1:58 AM

I'll do the thinnin' around here, baba-louie.
2/11/2000 3:43 AM
Jimmy Page
TV transformers are great do-it-yourself do-dads that make for lots of fun. You might want to try swapping out the tranny in your home stereo and wire in the TV Trasformer instead. More voltage means more sound. Don't worry about smoke. It's a neat effect and is natures way of telling you that that atomic particles inside your componentry are realy gruv'n to the mov'n sound of your music.  
Another neat TV transformer trick is to wire one into the back of your personal computer. The theory is that a little more voltage will zap the electrons in the circuit a little harder and make them go faster. It's kind of like giving your CPU cycles a quick kick in the pants. We all need a kick in the britches sometime to get us started and the same is true for your PC. Highly recommended.  
Finally, have you considered wiring your favorite TV transformer into your favorite kitchen wall clock? Yeah, sure it won't keep time very well after this modification but all of your friends will be fascinated by how fast the hands move. They will immediately laude you with compliments and hail you as a runner up to Einstein in the genius department.  
IMPORTANT: I'M ONLY KIDDING. DON'T TAKE ANY OF THIS SERIOUSLY BECAUSE YOU WILL PROBABLY KILL YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS. I know that goes without saying, but what you did to your Marshall amplifier was really dumb and you may be dangerous to yourself and to other people living in your houshold.  
Your pal,  
2/11/2000 3:08 PM
Keith Moon
Jimmy boy, I'm really starting to hate Led Zeppelin
2/11/2000 3:28 PM
Pete Townshend

Smash! Oops! Hey, the crowd loved that! Better do it more often!
2/11/2000 4:55 PM
Jimi Hendrix
I heard someone was smokin' in here?JH
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