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Problems with vintage Ampeg Reverberocket 2

1/27/2000 2:30 AM
Problems with vintage Ampeg Reverberocket 2
This amp, has been moded to diode rectifier and to accept 6L6.  
The problem is that with the vol just past 9 o'clock, it makes a noise more or less like a buzz, more evident if the bass on the guitar and amp ar set all way up.  
It seams (only seams, as I'm not absolutely sure...) that that noise is generated somewhere on the chassis itself; could it be from the transformer on the leftside?  
As I mentioned, it is bass/vol dependant, or at least it becomes much more evident when set high bass/volume.  
It is not the speaker, nor the valves.  
Please help if possible.  
Thank you!  

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