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Tweed Deluxe replacement spkr

1/8/2000 10:40 AM
Tweed Deluxe replacement spkr
I need to replace the MojoTone speaker in my Victoria deluxe. Weber has so many choices. I don't want to stray too far from vintage crunch. What do you think?
1/8/2000 3:54 PM

I went from a Mojotone MP12R to a Weber California. Wrong choice as it completely changed the sound of the amp. Next I tried a Mojo V30 (actually the Eminence version but they make the Mojo) and I really like it. I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.
1/8/2000 4:23 PM
Joe. Z
You may also want to inquire about their P12B- Brittish Bull Dog. I realize everyone associates brittish style speakers with high end sizzle and lots of midrange, but that is more the circuit than anything else. In a tweed deluxe, you would still have tons of low end, but with a very articulate upper section that would not turn to mush when pushed. I have a Celestion Blue in my deluxe, and from what I hear, the Weber it very close and at half the price. Joe
1/8/2000 7:12 PM
if you want the most authentic tweed deluxe speaker(closest to the original)go with the Weber P12R, but if you plan to really crank it the P12N might be a good choice. don't expect the clairity and highs that the P12R can offer though. the P12N will sound fatter and creamier -Ricky
1/8/2000 8:20 PM

I'm getting to the point where I've narrowed it down to either the Weber P-12-N or the P-12-Q. I usually run the amp at least half-volume, so the P-12-R is out.
1/8/2000 11:12 PM
dave rutherford

FWIW, I had a P12Q in my homebrew 5E3 and I wasn't very thrilled with it. The overdriven sound was too 'buzz-saw' for me inthat amp. I haven't heard a 'N' type speaker in it so I couldn;t compare. I currently have a C12B weber blue dog and really like the match. Its just temporary, because I've got the alnico version weber P12B on order for it.  
Its weird; there's been so many threads on this subject over the last year, and it seems everyone has a different favorite speaker for the tweed deluxe. I have noticed that the majority have been british style speakers, though.  
1/9/2000 12:30 AM
I would say that if you like the british sound and cost is no object, I've heard nothing but the finest reveiws on the Celestion blue ($300!?) otherwise go with the P12N. -Ricky
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