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Authentic Marshall and Fender tones

1/8/2000 7:43 AM
Peter Authentic Marshall and Fender tones
What do you buy when you want authentic fender and marshall tones but don't like the quality of fender vintage PCB reissues and Marshall PCB JCM's with output tubes mounted on on PCB?
1/8/2000 2:06 PM

pop one of these in there...
1/8/2000 2:15 PM

sorry Pete, I may have misunderstood what your asking...I f you have an "existing" amp w/ the pc boards ... then you could pop one of these fine boards in to "authenticate/duplicate what a "point to point" wired amp SHOULD sound like...If your looking for a GOOD platform to start with, then find an old Fender Bassman amp or any Marshall amp (all valve operated ofcourse)...hope this helps
1/9/2000 1:11 AM
John Stokes
Choices are limited. You can always shell out the bucks and buy real vintage amps. Lots of us have them, they're out there and available. Look for ones that are original and haven't been hacked.  
1/9/2000 5:27 AM
dave rutherford

For a 'poor-man's semi-authentic Fender/Marshall sound, look for an old pre-1972 Traynor Bassmaster 40 watt head - its circuitry is nearly the same as the Fender tweed Bassman/plexi Marshall amps. They run anywhere from $100 (needing work) to $200 or $300.  
How bout a late 60s or early 70s silverface fender? They don't carry the higher prices of the blackface models, but they're built well, still sound pretty good and can be tweeked back to BF specs.  
Or get a used RI and upgrade speakers and tubes. You can also put in those PTP replcement boards, but I don't think it makes too much difference after speakers and tubes.  
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