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Stupid question

12/4/1999 7:57 AM
tubegirl Stupid question
Can aluminium be chromed ??
12/4/1999 12:07 PM
Tobias Karlsson

"Can aluminium be chromed ??  
Yes, BUT it (often) won’t be as strong as chromed iron.  
I have chromed some of the aluminum on my Harley and sometimes it “peels off” but then again, there’s a lot of heat and vibrations involved in my bike so I guess that in a front of an amp(?) would not be a problem. Use sharp drills when making holes prevents the chrome from cracking a bit.  
Tobias Karlsson in Sweden  
PS If you live in the US, the standard of making chrome is much better then here!  
12/4/1999 12:41 PM

I should probably call up my chemistry professor friend first before commenting but "fool go..." As best I remember from my machinist days (dinosaur on tredmill powered), aluminum first need be plated with a more "compatible" metal, such as copper, and then plated wtih the chromium. And as such, the process is time consuming and you don't see much chromium plated aluminum. Will call my test-tube head in a few hours for enlightenment.  
12/6/1999 9:24 AM

Yes, aluminum can be chromed. take it to any chromeshop  
that deals in harley part chroming. It will be 3 plate  
(copper, nickel, chrome). piece of cake....
12/6/1999 10:34 AM

>>>Can aluminium be chromed ??<<<  
Sure can. Don't know the process (at a guess, I'd say the other posters here are right - it'd require some intermediate metal to be plated first). You could try contacting some plating places (I can recommend Artarmon Plating, if you're up this way), or contact a tyre shop and ask if they can put you in touch with someone who plates alloy wheels for cars (that's where I first heard of the process).  
12/7/1999 10:49 AM
Thanks folks, perhaps it wasn't such a stupid question after all.  
And Andrew, if you were the one who asked me how I got my Hammonds in Oz - I simply ordered them Air Mail from Angela. (Not "THAT" expensive).

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