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Ceramic or Mica pf caps in old Marshalls?

11/27/1999 10:10 PM
John S.
Ceramic or Mica pf caps in old Marshalls?
Let's get some opinions on this one,though I know this has been addressed before..I don't have it anywhere...No bashing just opinions....Thanks. John S.
11/27/1999 10:22 PM
Ken Gilbert

Personally, I REALLY enjoy the "grit" that ceramics add. I think its definitely in line with the "Marshall" sound... they add some hair, some extra distortion to the tone.  
Every time I have used a SM I have tried replacing it with a ceramic, and every time I think the ceramic sounds better. I no longer waste my time with the SM's, although for shits-n-giggles I do keep a few nearby.  
Just one man's opinion.  
11/27/1999 11:29 PM

Another thing to look at would be poly caps on the triode web site. Not bright or harsh like the SM in certain circuits but seem the have the same clarity.  
I really like these now personally.  
11/28/1999 3:46 AM
Mike B

Polystyrene or polypropylene?
11/28/1999 5:22 AM
John S.

Mike....ok....I give???????? Are you asking me or telling me? :o)
11/28/1999 6:30 AM

Alright, I couldn't quite remember so I thought I abbreviate and hopefully escape unscathed.  
The polystyrene have the smaller pF values.  
Here's the link  
off to bury my head in the sand  
11/28/1999 5:45 AM
Bob S.

Different caps do different things. Sm caps are perfectly fine if the circuit you put them doesn't need frequency filtering. A lot of amps are harsh or distorted by nature and do better with ceramic caps.(they will cover up top end which will hide high frequency distortion. Amps that are designed with little pre-amp distortion and hard driving power tube distortion can use sm caps all day long and not suffer from harshness.  
With the right touch I've used lots of sm caps in old Marshalls. By old I mean 72' and earlier. I've also used 50pf ceramic caps in my top-boost AC-30 and they sounded great also. Hope that helps  
Bob @ DynaQamps  
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