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Which reverb tank?

11/17/1999 7:42 PM
Mike B
Which reverb tank?
I want to add reverb to one of my Spitfire clones. What is the conventional wisdom regarding which reverb tank to use? I basically see short and long tanks with either 2 or 3 springs as the available choices. I don't want to surf - I'm just looking for some ambience... Any opinions/recommendations?  
Mike B
11/17/1999 9:03 PM
Dave Rutherford

For one thing, you have to get one that matches up impedance-wise with the reverb circuitry. Then worry about short vs. long tank and 2 vs. 3 springs. If you don't want a huge reverb, don't pay extra for a 3-spring tank. Maybe call a knowledgable supplier and give him/her details on your design.  
I'm currently adding reverb to a tweed fender clone. I used the standard fender reverb tank - long tank, 2 springs, #4AB3C1B. If the circuitry is based on typical fender design - transformer coupled, then this one should work for you.  
11/17/1999 9:11 PM
Mike B

Thanks for the response. I should have provided more detail in my post. I'm going to use the standard Fender transformer coupled topology with a 12AT7 driver. The only difference is the recovery amp will use half of a 12AX7. I plan to mix the reverb back in at the unused phase inverter input 'ala Matchless Chieftan. The other half of the 12AX7 is for tremelo.  
11/17/1999 11:31 PM
dave rutherford

Here's a link to a site with an explanation of the reverb tank codes, if it'll help:  
11/18/1999 12:35 AM
Mike B

Dave, thanks for the link. It will definitely help me decode the mystery of reverb tanks....  
Mike B
11/18/1999 6:49 AM
Dave Stork

I plan to mix the reverb back in at the unused phase inverter input 'ala Matchless Chieftan.  
Just wanted to mention that Vox did that decades before Matchless.
11/18/1999 1:23 PM
Mike B

In what model? The only schematic that I have for a Vox amp with reverb is the Berkeley II. That amp used the traditional Fender mix through a large-valued resistor.
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