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Re: Plexi Palace Jumper

10/12/1999 9:41 PM
Jeff Re: Plexi Palace Jumper
I'm pretty much there I think. Just wondering what the best value for th nfb should be. I read Randalls post but I'm not that advanced. I believe it's 47k right now. Adding a .68uf cathode bypass cap on the 2nd gain stage helped a lot.  
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10/13/1999 3:00 AM
Dave M.

"Is it possible to wire the two in series or is that stupid?"
This is for a 50 W plexi, but take a look at this:  
I don't know if this is partly what you're thinking about. It looks like a non-intrusive mod, but I have NO idea how it would sound.  
-Dave M.
10/13/1999 3:45 AM
Thanks Dave. Looks interesting.  
10/13/1999 6:33 AM

Jeff I had a look at that mod too and it looks cool. You can even use one of those push/pull pots with a DPDT switch so you won´t intrude on the original look of your amp.  
10/8/1999 1:22 AM
Re: Plexi Palace're running it wide open....are you gigging or recording?  
That's loud! :-)  
10/8/1999 3:36 AM
I don't wanna go the mv route. I understand the logic though. I always run it wide open so it would defeat the purpose. We're a very loud band. I run the amp at 89 volts. I guess that quiets it a bit. Seems to give some more gain too. I read that off the Plexi Palace page. I've heard conflicting ideas on what the correct value of the nfb should be. I think it's a 47K right now. What would a diffrent value do? It has a .68 cathode bypass cap on the 2nd gain stage.  
10/8/1999 4:36 AM

The correct value for that year is 47k. Changing to 100k will give you a bit more distortion and make the amp sound more agressive.

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