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"Widow Maker" power supply caps

9/9/1999 12:45 PM
Ken Gilbert
"Widow Maker" power supply caps
I have a line on about 25 electrolytic caps rated for 4,400 mfd at 400 VDC (450 v surge). They are a few years old in good condition. They are in a "computer style" can. Price is 15 bucks each. This is a killer deal, pun intended.  
Any interested parties send me an email and I will connect you with the seller.  
9/9/1999 6:20 PM

That sounds familiar. The University of Texas regularly auctions surplus goods here in Austin, and in one of their auctions, they had several crates full of 4400uF/450V. They were used as a power source in the rail gun research that is going on at UT. I bet they're getting spread around in the surplus market now.
9/9/1999 6:51 PM
Might make a good storage cap for a cap discharge magnatizer
9/10/1999 1:15 AM

Well... I do know some guys that would practically salivate at the idea of 4400uF at 450V.  
Go take a look at Barry's" target="_blank">">Barry's Coilgun Design Site to see one of my other interests. I exchanged some emails with Barry on the design of the coils in a gun for maximum efficiency.  
I have many mottos. One of my favorites is "A monstrous mind is a toy forever."
9/10/1999 5:19 PM
J Epstein

"A monstrous mind is a toy forever."  
You should be pretty well set for a while then. ;-)  
Check your email, BTW.  
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