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Finally got to crank this thing...

9/5/1999 3:57 AM
Finally got to crank this thing...
I finally got a chance to take my newly-working 64' Blonde Bassman to 10.  
It was pretty fun. I set it up at the local union practice room (the biggest one) and turned the amp up. My friend came in and he couldn't believe how loud the amp was - hehehehe. He thought I "hot rodded" it. Nope.  
Just got it to work with all of your help.  
I noticed that volumes over 5 produced more overdrive and not much more volume. It just kind of overdrove the amp like mad - very nice.  
I connected my Shaka Braddah III (SB3) pedal and got very nice tone out of the amp. One interesting tone I got was from using the SB3 as a "pure booster" (drive down to near zero/volume up all the way) with my guitar volume slightly down from 10. What a biting angry sound! Probably due to my bypass capacitor on the volume control shooting highs into the amp.  
Pretty darn fun!  
Unfortunately I realized after a few hours that I _did_ bring my earplugs... Oh well.

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