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Re: Oil cap questions

9/2/1999 1:03 PM
Pat F Re: Oil cap questions
R.G. - your advise to avoid those that contain PCBs. Is that because of the hazard associated with PCBs or is there a functional difference? This is kind of an ancedotal tangent, but when I was growing up in Wisconsin, there was a large plant that manufactured step down transformers that you used to see planted on power poles all over the country. I remember these guys telling me how messy it could get sometimes working there with all that "oil". Didn't those old residental utility transformers contain PCBs also? I wonder how some of those guys are doing now?
9/2/1999 6:54 PM

PCB's are carcinogenic, can cause birth defects and a slew of other metabolic disorders from skin rashes up to death. They're stored in body fat, semi-forever. Kind of a gift that keeps on giving.  
They are absolutely great for the technical task, unfortunately. The guys who worked with the oil are certain to have PCB's left in their bodies, and can suffer from it at any time. Weight loss sets it free into the body.  
Non PCB oils are just as good as the PCB oils in terms of performance. Don't take the chance.
9/3/1999 4:23 AM
Pat F
Thanks for the heads up R.G.
9/8/1999 1:47 PM
J Epstein

Pat :  
Would you be interested in getting some extras and reshipping them (assuming no PCB's, which I think would make shipping 'em a HAZMAT violation?)  
Or does that supply place do mail order?  
I'd pop for ten units or so.  
9/22/1999 12:47 PM
If there is enough to fo around I would also be interested.  
thanks Ed
9/8/1999 1:49 PM
J Epstein

Oh, and by the way, one can strip discarded air conditioners for these parts, for free! They are usually filthy though, and it's impossible (so far) to find identical units.  
-j, wondering how I could possibly know that . . . .
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