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Roll your own chassis?

8/23/1999 7:01 PM
Steve Jones
Roll your own chassis?
After looking into the cost of a custom chassis for my Kalamazoo II, I've decided to attempt my own. Anyone got any hints, links, or other resources to help me figure out what I need to do this and how to do it? The chassis for this amp will be a bit tricky since it has a sloped front with an angle of about 75 degrees.  
Thanks for any help!  
8/23/1999 7:27 PM

to do it right you need a sheet metal brake and a spot welder, but all in all it's not that hard to do. If you're hardccore, go to some equipment auctions. You can pick this kind of gear up cheap.
8/24/1999 1:13 PM
Steve Jones

Thanks! What is a sheet metal brake? Is that a tool to bend the metal?  
This may be the only chassis I ever make. So if there's a way to do this without buying a lot of tools that would be great.  
8/24/1999 9:39 PM
Don Symes

Yep, that's what they call it. You could _try_ to get a couple of 4x4's planed and square, clamp the sheet between 'em.... no.  
See if the shop you buy the sheet from will bend it for ya'?
8/23/1999 8:02 PM
Mike Malott

I always use my local vocational school for sheetmetal work.  
Check & see if your local school has a welding or sheetmetal fabrication curriculum. They are pleased to do work for "real people" and the students (kids) are lots of fun. Be aware that the senior class has better skills than the junior class (particularily at the start of the school year.) My school always seems to have chassis type materials on-hand, which I am pleased to pay for.
8/24/1999 1:17 PM
Steve Jones

I think I've seen this tip posted before and had forgotten about it. Thanks for posting this! I'll check into it. The area I live in is so "white collar" these days I think they ditched all the vocational programs at the high schools. I know they had metal shop back when I went to HS, but that was eons ago. This is definitely worth looking into, especially since school is about to start up. Thanks!  
8/24/1999 2:42 AM
Carl Z

One other option is to check out a local millwright shop. If you can give them something resembling a decent looking print they can usually pound out a nice 18 gauge chassis for about 50 bucks.  
Another option is to use scrap steel plate and angle iron. You can bond the steel with this super duper sheet metal glue that auto body shops use to hang quarter panels. This ain't no Elmer's school glue! And you can usually get a tube of it at most decent auto parts stores.  
Just my two cents...  
Carl Z

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