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Some good web stuff: Phase splitters

8/19/1999 8:26 PM
ken Some good web stuff: Phase splitters
Check it out here:  
8/19/1999 8:28 PM
ken Mo stuff on why CCS CF's
Good explanation and graph of distortion due to variations of Ip:  
8/19/1999 8:44 PM
ken Here's a list of semiconductor manufacturers...  
8/19/1999 8:48 PM
ken A program to help you source parts  
It's called partminer and it will do an automatic search of on line vendors for a part number, a PARTIAL part number, or a description of a part. Here's a clip from their website:  
"Now, thereís a faster, easier way to find what you are looking for - PartMinerô. Itís more than a search engine. Itís your personal purchasing assistant. On your command, PartMiner will enter cyberspace, visit your favorite component vendors, check their inventory, and deliver a consolidated report detailing the availability, pricing and other information related to your component search Ė all in a matter of seconds. And you donít have to leave you desk, pick up the phone, or even stop what youíre doing, since PartMiner works completely in the background."
It's free and takes a few minutes to install. And it works...  
8/19/1999 9:43 PM

Looks good - except that they tell you that they use the info to send you email advertisements in the "privacy statement".
8/19/1999 10:04 PM
So far, RG, I haven't received anything through email that would be remotely connected to them. There may be a checkoff box here or there in the registration process to avoid the spam?  
8/20/1999 2:00 AM

I don't know whether you can opt out of the spam, but they pretty clearly state that they use the info in the registration form to preselect groups of people to send targetted advertisements to. They also require a program running on your PC an periodic updates so you can't go get a free/disposable email account and circumvent the spam. It's possible that they just haven't hit your "group" as a target. Who knows? maybe they haven't signed up advertisers yet, building up a sufficient field of ... er... targets?  
At least they're up front about it.  
I'm a little crazy on the topic of spam. I favor capital punishment for it. Mere mutilation and torture is not enough. At least with capital punishment you have a chance to keep them from reproducing and weed them out of the gene pool.
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